Setting Up Your Firm for the First Time

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If this is your vendor/law firm’s first time to use Corridor, the steps outlined below will aid you in configuring the product.

Before You Begin:

1.          Request a matter list from the client company. This list includes matters for which this client expects your firm to bill. Match your vendor/law firm’s internal matter number with the client’s matter number(s). As the client’s matter number will be required in the invoice submission file in the CLIENT_MATTER_ID field (if submitting a LEDES file) or the Client Matter Number field (if creating a new invoice in Corridor), you should record these corresponding client matter numbers in your time-and-billing system. Each time a new matter is assigned to your vendor/law firm from this client company, you will need to reconcile the client’s matter number with your vendor/law firm’s internal matter number.

images\icn_exclaim.gif The CLIENT_MATTER_ID in your LEDES file or Client Matter Number in a Corridor manually created invoice must match a valid eCounsel matter number for this client company to successfully import your invoice(s) into eCounsel.

2.          Find out from the client company what information they require regarding your timekeepers. Client companies vary on the amount of information they require. Be prepared to send a worksheet with a list of your vendor/law firm’s timekeepers (TK) including name, title, rate, billing method, TK identifier, contact information, and possibly the corresponding matters on which the TK will be working. This information will need to be entered by the client company into eCounsel before you can invoice electronically.

3.          Review the client company’s billing guidelines.

4.          Complete the new user worksheets in this packet with your Corridor users, vendor/law firm information, and client IDs. If you plan to act as the system’s Manager, include yourself in the list of users. At least one Manager is required.

To Login to Corridor for the First Time:

1.          Log in to the Corridor Website with the Administrator user ID and password provided to you by Bridgeway. Currently, the URL is:

2.          You will be prompted immediately to create a new Administrator user account, and the temporary login credentials will no longer be valid after your first login to Corridor. Secure your new user ID and password in a safe place for future reference.

images\icn_exclaim.gif The Administrator login account is not personalized. The Administrator user can set up all Corridor users, change all passwords, update the vendor/law firm billing address/contact information, and enter client IDs. However, this level of user cannot perform routine tasks in the system such as submitting LEDES files, creating an invoice for submission, and viewing invoice status.

3.          Login using the new Administrator user ID and password to complete the setup.

4.          You will be prompted to accept the Supplemental Terms for Corridor Services agreement. Accepting the agreement will allow you to continue with configuration. You cannot access Corridor until the agreement is accepted.

images\icn_exclaim.gif You can view a printable version of the agreement by clicking on the Supplemental Terms for Corridor Services link. In addition, click on the Terms of Use and EU Safe Harbor Privacy Policy links to view more information.

Once the agreement is accepted, the Corridor home page will display. After Bridgeway Support has activated the relationship between your company and a client company, the home page will display with the client company listed.